Alternatives to physical vintage shopping because of the global pandemic and lockdown

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2 min readDec 22, 2020


Online vintage clothing and window shopping

Window shopping

First of all, I recommend you to try out window shopping; go outside, take a walk in the city, passing vintage stores.

Online vintage shopping

We all know that vintage shopping is not easy, you can easily spend hours and hours in the store and walk out with nothing. This combined with the lockdown we are facing in the Netherlands at the moment, results in my recommendation to try out this selection I made for you about online vintage shopping;

  1. Vinted (& United Wardrobe)

2. Top Vintage

3. ThredUP

4. ASOS Marketplace|btq|nav|toptab

5. SecondhandNew Vintage Kleding


7. eBay

8. Mint Threads Vintage Clothing

I hope this blog post mentioning 8 online alternatives to buying vintage has been useful for you!

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