Top 5 places to go vintage shopping in Utrecht

Utrecht is known for its beautiful canals and its cozy atmosphere. Moreover, it is also known for its many vintage & second-hand shops.

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5 min readDec 18, 2020

Do you live (near by) Utrecht and do you enjoy vintage shopping?

There are plenty of vintage shops in Utrecht where you can find the most beautiful gems. Not only is it cheaper, but you also help the environment by buying second-hand. I can imagine that you would feel quite overwhelmed by all the little streets this city has to offer, and the many underground locations. You do not really know where to start, or where to go to when you made the decision to try out vintage shopping.

Below, I have listed the best vintage shops in Utrecht for you, with some personal opinions highlighted there. I made this selection based on my personal experiences when shopping vintage.

1. Episode

Yes! My personal favorite one, which of course cannot be missed from this list: Episode. First of all, the location. This vintage shop is located right at the Oudegracht, along the water, so you already have the amazing view there.

The collection consists largely of second-hand and vintage clothing, with an emphasis on the 70s and 80s. From casual to nightlife, you can find it all in Episode. You can also go for shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry. The shop has been around since 1999 and has gradually expanded into an international store. Episode has more offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Antwerp, London and Paris.

My first bought vintage item ever!

I have mainly found my unique gems here!

Also, my very first vintage item ever!

Fun fact, my still all-time favourite pair of Levi’s Jeans;

Oudegracht 206, Utrecht

2. Sisters 2eHands

Let’s move on to nr. 2; Sisters 2eHands, which stands for “sisters secondhands”! Being located in the same street as Episode, only 18 housenumbers further on the Oudegracht in Utrecht. Sisters Vintage is open five days a week and they easily can be reached on foot from Utrecht Central Station.

Visit Sisters 2eHands if you are looking for good quality clothing for a good price. The offer changes weekly, so there is new clothing to discover every week. At Sisters 2ehands you can find second-hand designer clothing, and occasionally a real vintage item. The store is small, but nice and great to get a graps of a typical vintage-atmosphere.

You can also go here for styling advice and workshops on vintage shopping and discovering your own style

Oudegracht 224, Utrecht

3. Vintage Island

My personal number 3 is Vintage Island, with no doubt. Vintage Island is one of the hippest and more modern vintage stores in Utrecht. The atmosphere is a bit more spatial in comparison to Episode for example.

If you are a boot lover, you should pack your stuff and go there right now! Boot lovers can indulge themselves here, because Vintage Island has a huge collection of boots.

At this vintage store you are at the right place for shirts, denim jackets and a great collection of vintage boots that consists of biker boots, cowboy boots and other leather boots.

Pretty cool, right! At Vintage Island there is always something to find. I recommend you to take your male friends there once as well, because they also have nice offers for men!

Zadelstraat 39, Utrecht

4. Sussies Store

Sussies Sussies is a real vintage store, with an emphasis on the seventies. Think flared jeans and cowboy style.

Although you will also find plenty of other items! In addition to clothing, there are plenty of bins with scarves, hats, belts and other accessories

I got a beautiful pair of black allstars here for only 35 euros, and they did not look like they were worn at all! Win win for a student with a low disposable income!

Voorstraat 50, Utrecht

5. Sussies Store

And last, but not least…. Roxy97.

Roxy97 is a well-organized and neat vintage women’s clothing store just outside the center of Utrecht, but very easy to reach! This particular vintage shop in Utrecht mainly sells garments from the 60s.

Quality is very important to Roxy97. You will not find worn or broken items here!

You can also go for vintage bags, scarves, sunglasses and other accessories. Definitely worth a visit!

Nachtegaalstraat 36, Utrecht

These are my absolute 5 favorites in Utrecht, but there is more! Let me know if you have got anything to add to this list!

I am also curious, do you love the atmosphere and look and feel of vintage shops as much as I do? I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you want to find more inspirational photos of outfits I created after visiting these above mentioned shops, I recommend you to follow my Instagram page! @ut_vintageclothing,

Speak to you on Monday again! Have a nice weekend and go out to do some vintage shopping!



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